Client: Kickin Kombucha
Concept | Scripting | Animation | Direction | Voice Acting & Recording | Editing 
In October 2016 we took over the Kickin Kombucha social media pages for a five day campaign leading up to Halloween. 

We were inspired by the idea of dressing up Kickin's signature bottles in Halloween costumes. And we wanted to capture all the silliness in stop motion. We utilized the voices of several pals from BETA Theater to bring these characters to life (Traci Lavois Thiebaud playing several Halloweenie characters and Jeromy Barber as Cleopatra).

Each day we released a new flavor/character with a short animated GIF in the morning. At noon we would release a longer video sketch starring that day's Kickin Kombucha Halloweenie. In total we created 10 video pieces over the course of the week. 
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