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In late 2016 Matt Fries, the man behind the moniker "Jet Propelled Insectivore" approached Dinolion about collaborating on an adventurous, site-specific experience with his interactive installation piece "The Tripatorium." 

Fries wanted to create a destination ceremony to mark the end of the life of The Tripatorium. So we threw a funeral on the beach in Free Port, TX, complete with a final viewing of the installation, a procession down to the water, the destruction of The Tripatorium by its maker and finally the burning of the piece. Black Kite created "The Dirge for The Tripatorium" (featured in the above video) which played during the procession of The Tripatorium down to the water, and LIMB (James Templeton) performed during the deconstruction of the piece. Contact mics attached to the chainsaw and the wood panels also added to the soundscape of the destruction. 

"The Tripatorium is an aleatoric light and music making machine piloted by the participants within it. It has been continuously evolving over the past twenty months, serving as the development sandbox for the strange, recondite engineering of the New Lucifers department of the Jet Propelled Insectivore Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is intended as an empowerment device to give the viewer the tools to fill the role of performer--regardless of previous musical experience--because the audience/performer paradigm must be reconsidered."    - Jet Propelled Insectivore 

Below is the event flyer, directions to the beach, a map of the location, and behind the scenes photos of the planning and scouting phases. 

Greetings from The Jet Propelled Insectivore Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Tonight is the night. The Final Trip awaits you.

For this event we are going to invade some land that does not belong to our community and we are lucky to be there, because of this we are all going to be EXTREMELY MINDFUL.
Drive down 288 until it ends at an ominous industrial plant and turn right on 1495, this street will curve and you will go over a really fun tall bridge, after which you will hit a stop sign and see a decorative sign on your left that says Quintana Beach. Turn right at the stop sign (labeled JP BRYAN on the stop sign and 723 on Google Maps). Take that road all the way to the coast. Drive slow. Be mindful while driving. it is a narrow, bumpy dirt road. Don’t be a fool and get stuck. When you get to the coast, turn right and drive down the beach until you see a recessed area on your right with the Tripatorium shining from it. You can’t miss it.

Park somewhere within the parking/camping perimeters where you intend to camp. After you park we encourage you not to drive again until the following day, particularly if you have been drinking. Please respect the signage and do not cross over into the dunes or bird sanctuary areas.

There are no bathrooms or porta-potties on site and you very well may poop, plan accordingly.

This is a leave no trace event, that means whatever waste is caused by your existence, be that cigarette butts, beer cans, or candy wrappers, pack it up, take it with you. Please be as self sufficient as possible. Bring your own food, booze, and overnight gear. It’ll get pretty windy and cold, so plan accordingly.

If you have any issues please use the facebook page as a communication tool and someone on the Jet Propulsion staff will get back to you shortly.

We look forward to having you at The Final Trip.

The Jet Propelled Insectivore Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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