Client: Langrand
Concept Consulting | Storyboarding | Videography | Animation | Casting | Directing | Editing Music Composition | Set Design | Set Fabrication | Projections 
In late 2017, Langrand, a Houston-based marketing agency, approached us to create a high-impact, forward facing video to live on their website as the manifesto for their brand. The "Think Tank" is perhaps our most comprehensive, top-to-bottom marketing endeavor to date. 

Along with the Langrand team, we were inspired to invoke the feeling of stepping into one's own thought process, in search of innovation and excellence-- a literal and physical "Think Tank." 

We created every aspect of the piece (aside from client script) from the ground up. We designed and built the three screens for our "Think Tank" and filmed or created 99% of the animations and footage projected onto the screens (pulling from archival footage when applicable). Above we have included a cut of the montage used for projecting.

The music for the piece was composed by Dinolion's own James Templeton (LIMB) and mixed with five voice-over performances, creating a powerful, one-of-a-kind soundscape to highlight the impressive magnitude of the "Think Tank." 

Below we have included several early model options (working title: "The Platform"), as well as storyboards for the piece.

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